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Al-Sheikh Ahmed Al-Khalili                                 "The General Mufti of Oman”
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stages of his life

The years stages of his life
1942He was born ZenjebarEast Africain a big house with his family
1949 He attended "Holy Quran School"with a good teachers
1957He memorized all The Holy Quran and asunahbigan to write the books other books
1964He went back to Omancomplate his study help manager in the instatutehe became a managereight
1971He became a justice of the peace in Oman opend Rustaq's mosque 
1975He became a "General Mufti of Oman", a director of the Islamic institutes with minister rank He Joined in the "Tradition Year Lectures
1994 opend alafta officesolve people's quationsall the people love him al-hamdolelah he still live