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Al-Sheikh Ahmed Al-Khalili                                 "The General Mufti of Oman”
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Al-Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamed bin Suleiman Al-Khalili

is a famous person from Bahla that is in Dhakhilia,Oman.His father was a righteous man, and he was requesting the knowledge.Also, His grandfather was a learned man,and he was a judge in Bahla.Al-Sheikh Ahmed's father moved to Zenjebar, East Africa.Then,Al-Sheikh Ahmed was born there in Zenjebar on 27 July 1942. He liked to learn. His father named him "Ahmed" because he said, "if Allah bestows me a male baby, I will name him Ahmed".

In 1949, Al-Sheikh Ahmed Al-Khalili attended "Holy Quran School". Then, after two years, in 1951, he memorized all of The Holy Quran. After that, he learned from some Sheikhs. Such as, Al-Sheikh Issa bin Said Al-Esmaili, Al-Sheikh Zahran Al-Riami and Al-Sheikh Humood bin Said Al-Kharosi. He learned from them principles of the jurisprudence, the creed, syntax, inflection, and the arithmetic. Also, he learned from "Al-Sheikh Abu Ishaq Ibrahim Atfaish" when he visited Zenjebar. He did not attend any school because he wanted to learn by himself by his perusals. So, that helped him to be having a good memory and to be intelligent.

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