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Al-Sheikh Ahmed Al-Khalili                                 "The General Mufti of Oman”
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Al-Sheikh Ahmed bin Hamed bin Suleiman Al-Khalili is a famous person from Bahla that is in Dhakhilia, Oman. His father was a righteous man , and he was requesting the knowledge. Also, His grandfather was a learned man, and he was a judge in Bahla. Al-Sheikh Ahmed's father moved to Zenjebar, East Africa. Then, Al-Sheikh Ahmed was born there in Zenjebar on 27 July 1942. He liked to learn. His father named him "Ahmed" because he said, "if Allah bestows me a male baby, I will name him Ahmed".

He worked in Zenjebar with his father. After that, in 1964, he went back to Oman with his father and his family because of the Communism Rebellion in Zenjebar. So, he went to Bahla to live there. Next, he became known at the people in Bahla. So, he taught in "Bahla Mosque" for ten months. Then, he became a teacher in "Al-Khor Mosque" in Muscat. In 1971, he became a justice of the peace with his teaching. After that, he became a director of the Islamic concerns. In 1975, he became a "General Mufti of Oman" after Al-Sheikh Ibrahim bin Said Al-Abri expired. In the same year, he became a director of the Islamic institutes with minister rank.

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